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mood enhancer

Watching this is a great way to start off your morning, especially on a Monday morning after you’ve heard that damn line from Office Space five times. These two are absolutely adorable.



rock out with your bon jovi out

Bon Jovi Show Stealer @ Yahoo! VideoPuh-lease click on this link to the left. It is charming, enchanting, hilarious, adorable and all the other thesaurus words you could look up to match the words I just put down.

I do not like it because of the song (Bon Jovi’s “Livin On A Prayer”). In fact, I like it in spite of that god awful, overplayed tune. But when you see the passion, the conviction this fan delivers you will be blown away.

reason #86 kids are better than you

86. they are incredible dancers

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B: 4-year old Olu wooorks it

dreams really do come true…with craigslist

double the pleasureHow often does a person’s dream become a reality? My hope is…often! This week my dream was made into a reality due to two things: the follow-through and craigslist. What I am trying to say is that I doubled my pleasure, doubled my fun indeed by making one of the single greatest purchases I’ve ever made by getting my very own tandem bicycle. Continue reading