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‘lites out

Dear readers reader,

I can’t thank you enough for following BCL’s every move. Without your readership, we’d be nothing. Now I’m sure you’ve noticed that the postings have been lacking the past month or so. My deepest apologies. However, it’s time for a mini break from big city ‘lites. Consider it an extended Earth Hour.

This is a break, not a break up.  However! While we’re on a break we can see other people. In fact, I encourage it. One such person you can have a wild fling with is Angela Chase.

Recognize that name? Of course you do. She’s the star of the cult classic “My So-Called Life” and the link will lead you to a 00’s version of that show. The high schooler all …”grown up.” Or something like that. Please check it out and enjoy!

Until next time dear reader….


reason #87 kids are better than you

87. they’re motivated

who knew michael bay was so insightful?

Michael Bay

This is a winning combination: Twitter and a fake Michael Bay.

Simply put, Twitter is addicting. And even more so ever since someone had the brilliant idea to “tweet” on hehalf of d-bag director/producer/writer/actor Michael Bay. As evident in the photo, this guy is the epitome of the Hollywood big movie biz – coiff-haired egomaniac. He’s known for movies with outrageous special effects, particularly fire and explosions, e.g., Armageddon, The Rock, Bad Boys, etc.

Bay is currently filming Transformers 2, and the faux Twitter updates from on the set are priceless…

·     “It’s 10:45 and Shia is still wearing his footie pajamas.”

·     “Now I’m confused. Do we need pelvis insurance for this kickboxing scene with Betty White?”

·     “What do you not understand about getting a jetpack for a midget? What the hell am I paying you for? I NEED IT NOW.”

·     “The only debate people should be having tonight is if Transformers 2 is going to surpass Transformers 1 in sheer awesomeness.” (day of presidential debate)

Some other gems include…

·     “Going to be a gigantic douchebag for Halloween. Where can I get a bubble suit and 300 gallons of vinegar at 3:18 on a Friday?”

·     “Conceded a chiseled-jaw competition to Nic Cage. I’ve got a mandible like a Siberian tiger. Sometimes you have to let the talent feel good.”

·     “Casting for Bad Boy’s 3. Getting pissed Bernie Mac isn’t returning my calls.”

·     “Time for a protein shake. Powdered panda flesh and goji juice. Rich in amino acids. Even Bruckheimer can’t afford them.”

·     “Took a meeting about Armageddon 2: Armageddoner. It’s a Go.”

Reason enough to join Twitter, no?

babies + halloween = OMFC

Go to this link. Right now! Go! —> oh. my. f-ing. cuteness.

signs the apocolypse is nearing

1. Paul Newman is no longer with us.

2. The Hills is into its fourth season. A new episode airs tonight (and I will be watching it).

3. The economy can no longer be discussed without being quickly followed by phrases containing curse words or the request for hard liquor or drugs.

4. People magazine is reporting on the dating status of twelve-year olds.

5. The Cubs made it into the playoffs. Okay, they’re out now. That was fast.

6. This adorable animal is in heaven with Paul Newman now.

7. Ike.

8. New Kids on the Block have reunited and are on tour.

9. No, that’s not just her bangs in her eye – the country’s potential VP is in fact winking at you.

10. There is a movie entitled “Beverly Hills Chihuahua.” As if that wasn’t enough, it’s doing fairly well.


That’s it. I’m moving to Russia. I hear it’s pretty close.


I feel like a young, spritely college sophomore these days – I’ve rediscovered the wonderousness of Facebook! I fell off of the ‘book wagon for a while, the height of my disstaste being when it became overrun by marketers and peoples’ moms. But I’m back in the saddle and totally embracing it. I love snooping into colleagues’ personal lives, and it takes all the pressure off of keeping in touch with certain people.

Don’t get me wrong. Today’s version barely resemebles the old school Facebook of yesteryear, and my profile has undergone some serious editing since my carefree co-ed days. But I’m not even bothered by the new, jazzy Facebook that seems to have the masses up in arms. And that’s saying a lot coming from a ‘book naturalist, who forgoes all the “What ‘Sex and the City’ Character Are You?” applications. (Everything thinks they’re Carrie anyway.)

It satisfies the voyeur in me, offers the perfect distraction from real work, and indulges that egotistical need everyone has to talk about themselves.

So cheers to the ‘book. And here’s to Mark Zuckerberg reading this post and sending me a small fraction of his billion-dollar Facebook fortune!


Okay, okay…I must have missed the memo but seriously, what’s the deal with the Scrabulousrabulous mania that’s been happening the past couple months???

Scrabble and it’s tiny little wooden letter blocks have been taunting me this summer and I can’t seem to escape it, no matter how many triple-word plays I do! First I got…oh, I don’t know…a bajillion requests to play Scrabu-wtf-olous on Facebook. Then, brought before my very eyes was a large, inflatable Scrabble blowup version whilst visiting friends over a long weekend. Then I heard all about the law suits over this “controversial” Facebook application and now…NOW…it’s Subway. Continue reading