‘lites out

Dear readers reader,

I can’t thank you enough for following BCL’s every move. Without your readership, we’d be nothing. Now I’m sure you’ve noticed that the postings have been lacking the past month or so. My deepest apologies. However, it’s time for a mini break from big city ‘lites. Consider it an extended Earth Hour.

This is a break, not a break up.  However! While we’re on a break we can see other people. In fact, I encourage it. One such person you can have a wild fling with is Angela Chase.

Recognize that name? Of course you do. She’s the star of the cult classic “My So-Called Life” and the link will lead you to a 00’s version of that show. The high schooler all …”grown up.” Or something like that. Please check it out and enjoy!

Until next time dear reader….


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