I don’t trust people who…

        don’t cut their hair

        are morning radio personalities

        hate animals

        ride people’s ass on the road

        want to see the movie “New In Town”

        run outside when the temperature is literally in the negatives

        don’t enjoy the occasional fast food binge

        still own beepers (doctors and drug dealers excluded of course)

        think Jay Leno is laugh out loud funny

        use too much hair product

        don’t secretly wish they were an incredible dancer – the type that has circles form around them on the dance floor

–      aren’t ticklish

        have more than five children…maybe six

        use the word “kewl” without irony

–      have a first name as their surname


2 responses to “I don’t trust people who…

  1. I rarely make time to get my haircut. But we are related, so you are obligated by blood relation to trust me anyway.

    But if I start looking like the Duggar woman you have my permission to hold me down and chop off that god-awful mess.

  2. okay okay, i’m talkin people that n.e.v.e.r. cut their hair a la Duggar woman

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