if your face was a dance floor, your eyebrows would be doing the worm

cad1These two children to the left look as though they might belong to the dreadful couple that named their child Adolf Hitler or possibly to the Mom who admitted she was incapable of loving her child. But no.

These two are the new face (or eyebrows) of Cadbury. Yes, as in the chocolate. Well I guess Cadbury always reminds me of those dalishchocolate eggs at Easter. And the idea to have an oversized bunny hopping around leaving eggs full of things for people to then rummage through did always freak me out a little. So… maybe it makes sense that these two Nazi-esque offspring sort of scare me, but in the pleasurable way that leaves me with chocolate in the end.

Now, if you know what’s good for you WATCH this ad:


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