this tuesday, hope has a new face

pop-off_1_Let me begin by saying “Yeah! On Tuesday Barack Obama will finally be president!” Now… to the matter at hand:

Tanisha from last season’s Bad Girls Club is back!

Now, if you are asking yourself: “Oh lawdy, what is Bad Girls Club…another crappy reality show?” The answer is yes, yes, yes. And it also appears that you have somewhat of a life, or at least one that isn’t filled with terrible television that will slowly but surely turn your brain into mush. I digress.

I first became exposed to this nuclear waste of a show via “smack the dicks outta your mouth” Kathy Griffin, circa early 2008. I began watching last year mid-season and, needless to say, after I witnessed the she-version of K. Fed ripping out part of Tanisha’s weave, I was hooked.

When it came time for this season I curled up to my television set all ready to be a bad girl alongside the new season’s girls. Carton of Cowboy Killers: check! Fifth of whiskey (or whatever alcohol I could get from the man I gave a BJ to behind the gas station since my license was taken away after my third DUI): check! Outfit consisting of polyester, leather and four inch heels: check!

And so I watched and ugghhh, it just was not the same. Yes there was fighting. Yes they were sluts. Yes, they were very “bad” but all this bad girl drama was giving me was a bad girl headache which I calculated out to be 92% show, 5% cheap liquor and 3% pack of Marlboro Reds. The show was missing that *pizzaz* of the last season.

What happened next is nothing short of a miracle. Before she could get kicked off the show, Kayla – who I will forever know as the girl that made fish nets a complete outfit – bounces out in the middle of the night and her replacement is none other than pot ‘n pan playin’, pop off’n, BAMF Tanisha. She makes her debut this season on tomorrow night’s 30 minute train wreck and there is no way it will be anything but magical.

And just in case you have no recollection of what I’m talking about, please enjoy this …..


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