top annoyances of 2008

  1. facebook albums for every weekend
  2. as previously mentioned, the RedEye’s sad attempts at being witty
  3. time left over on the microwave (seriously, what’s the point of taking out your lean cuisine 2 seconds earlier? It was emitting sounds ready to explode? Oh okay, well at least clear the damn time so we can see the clock.)
  4. getting to second base with three complete strangers each day during my commute. thank you CTA
  5. twilight
  6. when people assume you know all their friends (who the hell is alex, marcy and jacob? we just met, how am i suppose to know your friends?)
  7. chicago politicans with bad hair and bad politics
  8. people who are constantly surprised by the time of year (read: I can’t believe it’s already Christmas time.)
  9. anyone named joe (plumber, six-pack, body builder, shmoe, coffee shop employee, etc.)
  10. michael phelps (sorry america)

top amazing-ly-ness of 2008

  1. President Barack Obama
  2. Sarah Palin – you couldn’t have made that stuff up
  3. asian balls (no, not that kind – this kind.)
  4. tandem bicycles
  5. the ridiculousness that is…SPEIDI (again, sorry america)
  6. $5 footlong (the commercials more so than the actual sub. i’m more so a fan of the six inch sub of the day.)
  7. Paul Rudd’s return to mainstream society
  8. real housewives of atlanta – those bitches are real (housewives of atlanta) 
  9. brit brit makes a comeback (docommercialry, hit songs and all)
  10. all the previously mentioned annoyances – without them this blog would not be possible.

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