who knew michael bay was so insightful?

Michael Bay

This is a winning combination: Twitter and a fake Michael Bay.

Simply put, Twitter is addicting. And even more so ever since someone had the brilliant idea to “tweet” on hehalf of d-bag director/producer/writer/actor Michael Bay. As evident in the photo, this guy is the epitome of the Hollywood big movie biz – coiff-haired egomaniac. He’s known for movies with outrageous special effects, particularly fire and explosions, e.g., Armageddon, The Rock, Bad Boys, etc.

Bay is currently filming Transformers 2, and the faux Twitter updates from on the set are priceless…

·     “It’s 10:45 and Shia is still wearing his footie pajamas.”

·     “Now I’m confused. Do we need pelvis insurance for this kickboxing scene with Betty White?”

·     “What do you not understand about getting a jetpack for a midget? What the hell am I paying you for? I NEED IT NOW.”

·     “The only debate people should be having tonight is if Transformers 2 is going to surpass Transformers 1 in sheer awesomeness.” (day of presidential debate)

Some other gems include…

·     “Going to be a gigantic douchebag for Halloween. Where can I get a bubble suit and 300 gallons of vinegar at 3:18 on a Friday?”

·     “Conceded a chiseled-jaw competition to Nic Cage. I’ve got a mandible like a Siberian tiger. Sometimes you have to let the talent feel good.”

·     “Casting for Bad Boy’s 3. Getting pissed Bernie Mac isn’t returning my calls.”

·     “Time for a protein shake. Powdered panda flesh and goji juice. Rich in amino acids. Even Bruckheimer can’t afford them.”

·     “Took a meeting about Armageddon 2: Armageddoner. It’s a Go.”

Reason enough to join Twitter, no?


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