thought of the day

It is my personal belief that Chicago Tribune’s free daily newspaper The RedEye is not funny. At all.

I pick this paper up nearly every single day and will, most likely, continue to do so. However, I grow increasingly annoyed with how impressed The RedEye seems to be with itself. It is in effect, the Dane Cook of newspapers. It is like hearing nails on a chalkboard when I read their one-line “quips” that they seem to find hilarious because they are neverfunny. Usually the purpose of those “zingers” is to prove that RedEye is “down with the young folk” and so much cooler than the ol’ snooze that the Trib is. Ironically though, the paper’s attempt to be funny only makes it that much more obvious just how hard they’re trying and that they are just…not funny.

That being said, I still like the paper for the purpose of getting snippets of news during my morning commute so as not to resort to staring at strangers thinking or saying one of many things.


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