woah man! it’s her?

Holy naked writhing, butt Xeroxing and bicep tats! Our favorite B.S.er is back and she is more hot and bothered than ever in Womanizer….or as I believe to be a more accurate pronunciation: woah man! it’s her?

Now, if you’re a straight man I advise you to stop reading here. I’d imagine the rest of this post is only of interest to members of society that have used the word “fierce” in normal conversation, know who Giuliana Rancic is and can list more than eight Madonna songs. Namely, gays and females.


I personally love the song…for what it is. Yes, I said it, and please don’t judge me until you too listen to it 100 times, can’t get it out of your head and then realize you love it. Womanizer, like all those other songs you don’t want to admit to having loved during their height (read: Baha Men’s Who Let the Dogs Out?) has all the qualities of an “of the moment” song. That includes repeating the same word over and over – making it easy for listeners to learn all the lyrics, well…lyric – and delivering that beat that makes you truly believe that you were meant to be a pop star. You know, that infectious tune that highlights just how incredible your every dance move is so you feel you must jump up and DANCE whenever you hear it.


The video does nothing but solidify the song’s status of being “of the moment.” In today’s world where MTV is know for “The Hills” and VH1 is known for airing the absolutely worst reality shows, the fact that I’ve even seen the video is saying something. The video exemplifies everything Britney is known for: sexxxing. Seriously. Girl’s got her body back and she’s using it – gyrating naked, gyrating on a Xerox machine and performing gyrating dance moves, all to a song that you know will be played every 30 minutes in bars and on the radio. So my advice to you is to savor the song now because it will soon become one that you dread and wonder, “Why did I ever like that song?” (read: My Humps by Black Eyed Peas [okay you know what, I asked you not to judge me])


It’s Britney bitch!


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