signs the apocolypse is nearing

1. Paul Newman is no longer with us.

2. The Hills is into its fourth season. A new episode airs tonight (and I will be watching it).

3. The economy can no longer be discussed without being quickly followed by phrases containing curse words or the request for hard liquor or drugs.

4. People magazine is reporting on the dating status of twelve-year olds.

5. The Cubs made it into the playoffs. Okay, they’re out now. That was fast.

6. This adorable animal is in heaven with Paul Newman now.

7. Ike.

8. New Kids on the Block have reunited and are on tour.

9. No, that’s not just her bangs in her eye – the country’s potential VP is in fact winking at you.

10. There is a movie entitled “Beverly Hills Chihuahua.” As if that wasn’t enough, it’s doing fairly well.


That’s it. I’m moving to Russia. I hear it’s pretty close.


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