i miss this woman

Okay, so where has the Pine-Sol lady gone? It’s been far too long since I’ve seen this woman in any ads. I mean…how is Pine-Sol still in business without using this woman as their spokesman in every single ad?! Anyone who’s anyone knows that this woman – with her voice like butta, hair flowing…er, braided down to her butt and perfect blend of sassiness and sweetness – can’t help but to make consumers flock to the stores to buy out Pine-Sol products so they can get home and clean.


Upon extensive research (read: typing in “pine-sol lady” into google), I discovered that this incredible spokeswoman has a name besides Pine-Sol Lady, and it’s Diane Amos. She also claims to be a movie actress, comedian and winning game show contestant! Wow, I didn’t know there was a Pine-Sol movie. And a winning game show contestant!!! I had no idea that’s how she got to be the Pine-Sol Lady!


I propose they start making the Pine-Sol bottles into the form of Diane, like they do with Mrs. Butterworth.


That’s the power of Pine-Sol baby.


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