to catch a cheater or to be a cheater – that is the question

I’ve really struggled with how to begin this segment about the “state-of-the-art” calling card DramaTel. Should I simply declare “T-Money!” or should I highlight that this calling card is “almost illegal?” Perhaps I should point out that DramaTel can aide you in becoming a cheater or catch that cheating bastard who’s done you wrong, in effect “winning the game.”


I pause now to urge you to invest the time to watch the two-minute ad above for DramaTel calling cards, the revolution in communication for all the mentally unhinged. Enjoy!


Yes. Now you’ve watched it and you’re thinking that I should have gone with just shouting out “T-Money!” to open this. Damn, you’re right!


So I wish that I could tell you that I stumbled upon DramaTel when I was up at 3:00 in the morning watching my favorite show Cheaters (which this ad is frequently played during)…but alas I have a turned into a matured young woman with a job and, therefore, can be usually be found in bed before the clock strikes 11:00. Actually, I discovered this priceless advert at my place of employment – quite the eye catcher on a Monday afternoon.


This ad targeting unstable individuals with $24.99 plus shipping and handling to spare and plays out like an infomercial…or a SNL skit rather. But folks, I assure you, it’s all real! I especially enjoy our friend Jesse who sympathizes with the losers out there whose phone calls are avoided because “you know there’s a good reason!” Thanks Jesse. This state-of-the-art technology allows these people to get back and “win the game” by choosing which name shows up on the recipient’s caller ID and even lets the caller change their voice to a man or a woman!! Let’s all just let that marinate for a bit shall we? I mean seriously…if you think your mom is calling you and it turns out to be something resembling a ROBOT then I could safely say that hell yes, I would stop cheating right then and there!


But the best parts of this two-minute bliss are the testimonials and actual documentation of how DramaTel works. One young crazy even testifies to DramaTel’s effectiveness by describing how she called her boyfriend using his sister’s number, which really clarifies nothing, but she says, “Trust me, DramaTel works,” so it must be true! And then we’re even shown actual documentation of a man’s “Baby Momma” (the name displayed on his phone because, of course, why would you put someone’s actual name if they were the mother of your child?) calling under the guise of “T-Money.” Oh she’s so tricky! We even get to see how the voice changer works and boy, does she let him have it with the line “This ain’t T-Money!”


God. I love it. More information to come once I receive my calling card in the mail because, yes, I am one of those mentally unhinged individuals. Until then, to tide you over, please check out DramaTel’s website where you will find actual merchandise allowing you to proudly state your affection for DramaTel. Might I suggest the DramaTel thong bikini? I have one in black.




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