whiney wieners

Question: why do some people suck? I mean seriously. I get that work is not people’s favorite thing to do but…get over it. For one reason or another you have a job, a job that maybe isn’t your dream job but one that you choose in some respect. And jobs, like practically all things, have positive and negative things that come with it. We all deal with it…so stop complaining!

Your incessant whining is not going to change that fact that you still will have a job to do. Now, I am all for a good venting sess’ when necessary but I believe the two are different things. The only thing your complaining is succedding in is bringing everyone else dooown. And furthermore, don’t complain when you’re not even the one doing the bulk (or any) of the work…not that this ranting is particularly geared at anyone specifically. Ha.

Just some thoughts after a long day trapped inside. Forgive my whining.


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