Okay, okay…I must have missed the memo but seriously, what’s the deal with the Scrabulousrabulous mania that’s been happening the past couple months???

Scrabble and it’s tiny little wooden letter blocks have been taunting me this summer and I can’t seem to escape it, no matter how many triple-word plays I do! First I got…oh, I don’t know…a bajillion requests to play Scrabu-wtf-olous on Facebook. Then, brought before my very eyes was a large, inflatable Scrabble blowup version whilst visiting friends over a long weekend. Then I heard all about the law suits over this “controversial” Facebook application and now…NOW…it’s Subway.

And people are just going absolutely *nutty* over this game. The lawsuits started when the original Scrabble gods sued the nerdy, tech-geniuses behind the Scrabulopolis application on Facebook and now have their own application, but their game is only pulling in a measly 70,000 active players. WHAT?!?! Apparently, that number is only about a tenth of what Scrab-urmom-ous had playing its version before it got pulled. Ahh, but never fear, Srupptonomous is now Wordscrapper…which I guess is still going strong.

As if that word-making drama wasn’t enough. Now Subway has joined the trend and says, “It’s back!” Uh, excuse me Subway, since when did you have any games besides the “Guess how many people we can now fit into former fatty Jared’s pants”?? And furthermore, Subway, how do people exactly play your game? Can we spell any such word or do we just have to wait to become an instant winner? And is there a prize besides it now being socially acceptable to throw your beverage all over nearby patrons as seen in your commercials?

So many questions. My mind is in a thought jumble. Perhaps a lovely board game will help me sort through things. WORD UP.


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