celebrity sighting

Yesterday I had yet another celebrity sighting, and this one wasn’t just some stoner dude from a band. This was a man who could very well be our great country’s next president – Mr. Barack Obama. Check out my picture after the jump!

Okay, okay. You caught me. So this isn’t really the picture of captured of Obama yesterday – that one’s engraved in my memory. But I really did get a glimpse of Obama for approximately an entire 10 seconds (!) as he was stepping out to his car after an all-day meeting with his chief campaign adviser, who happens to work just around the corner from my office.


2 responses to “celebrity sighting

  1. I will now be able to say “I knew you when” after people start lining up to ask what it was like to see the big O in Chicago. Well, the second big O in Chicago (I’m pretty sure even Obama can’t replace Oprah as the inital big O).

  2. Greets! Really funny. keep working!

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