sidekick from Clueless + flying trapeze = pure entertainment

For the most part, I really despise reality shows that combine a judge with an accent, any sort of competition, and washed up celebrities. (There are many, so no need to elaborate.)

HOWEVER. I’ve made an exception and completely surrendered to the cheesiness and fluff of Celebrity Circus. Blame it on my early years as a gymnast or the fact that there was nothing else on TV, but I’m hooked. I happened to flip to it at the exact right (or wrong, depending on how you look at it) moment the other night, when Stacey Dash was kicking ass on the flying trapeze. That one-hit-wonder was so good I didn’t even know I was watching a show starring desperate celebs! (My one gripe is that they had her rigged to wires, which is kind of cheating.)

Antonio Sabado Jr. was next on the Wheel of Death or Wheel of Hell or Death Trap or something. (Honestly, I’m not 100% sure it was even Antonio Sabado Jr. It could have been any of those 90s Latin beefcakes – Mark Consuelos, Mario Lopez, etc.) His performance was a little boring, but I was distracted by the flames the hair and makeup staff had painted all over his chiseled physique anyway.

In reality, this show is no different than the aforementioned programs I detest, but what can I say? They reeled me in in a weak moment. Now I have to watch next week when Rachel Hunter dresses up as a sexy conquistador and “faces death” in the bull ring. And I’ll happily overlook the fact that bullfighting isn’t a circus act.


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