ways to show your enthusiasm at work

In order to keep a certain spirit and energy level at work, it’s important to be able to recognize coworkers’ and your own accomplishments. And whereas recognition is important, so is the appropriate way of congratulating your fellow worker. After the jump you will find suggestions of ways to praise someone in the workplace, such as “the classic high-five,” “the fist bump,” “a pat on the back,” “thumbs up” and “face spelling.”

1. The Classic High-Five
A dying tradition, the high-five is the perfect way to show enthusiasm and comradery in the workplace. Fast, effective and at just the right noise level, the high-five almost always brings a smile to participants’ and onlooker’s faces. Also, the high-five can be made unique to accommodate each person’s personal style. So go ahead and get jazzy with yours and add some spins, snaps and screams to the classic motion.

2. The Fist Bump
We hate to endorse the fist bump, but ever since the action was seen world-wide by a prominent political figure we hear it’s in the works to add it to the amendments. The fist bump is also known as “the pound,” “knucks” or whatever other noises it is that frat guys make upon seeing their “bro” sink a successful beer pong. The fist bump is a favorite among germ-o-phobes and for that reason, is best used to show enthusiasm following a CTA ride or prior to eating lunch.

3. A Pat on the Back
They don’t have the phrase, “Give yourself a pat on the back,” for nothing! This move can be done to congratulate yourself on a TPS-report well done or to someone else. However, it should be noted that as the enforcer of the pat, you should make sure that the recipient is aware of your intentions. Remember a “patting” is defined as “to tap gently with the open hand or with something flat,” so don’t get to carried away. Also important is to refrain from this action when another is eating or on the phone with a client.

4. Thumbs Up
Celebrate success and your opposable thumbs with the thumb(s) up. Although often used as a critique in movie reviews, the thumbs up saw a decline in usage after it’s peak in the ’80s, but is now back on the upswing. This action requires minimal effort for maximum quality, and can be done by nearly everyone. So wave those thumbs in the air like you just don’t care!

5. Face Spelling
This action is the least common of the bunch, but just as effective. What words can you spell out using your face you ask? Well, the two most popular phrases are “wow” – spelled by making a “W” with both hands and holding them on either side of an o-shaped mouth – and “cool” – which is spelled by forming a “C” with your hand and an “L” with the other and held near your eyes. Make sure your party is looking at you and knows how to read before congratulating them in this manner.


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