another day, another office one-liner

If you work in an office, you know what I’m talking about. Each day usually has a designated one-liner that is easily slipped into an awkward pause in conversation with a coworker. In fact, these office one-liners are often used as conversation starters! It’s simply office pleasantry but turns bizarre if you spend more than two seconds thinking about the idiocracy of each saying.

Yes, I do have a case of the Mondays. And yes, it is only Wedesday. Working hard or hardly working? Well, I’ll have to go with the latter!

What is the appropriate response to these comments? The polite thing to do would be give a slight chuckle and respond with an equally dense comment such as, “Yeah, can’t wait for the weekend…” However, our friends (and by friends of course, I mean they have no idea who we are) at the entertaining Not Hating Just Saying blog have deemed office one-liners “the most annoying thing next to someone scratching their knife on a plate.” Although I understand the point they’re making, I must say I take offense to this analogy seeing as I happen to enjoy the comparable sound of fork/knife on plate throughout a meal, but only when portrayed in TV shows and movies. But then again, maybe I just have a case of the…Fridays.

NHJS discusses the annoying one-liners listed below:

“Another day another dollar, huh?”

“Is it Friday yet?”

“Working hard or hardly working?”

I’ve thought of a couple more:

“It’s only >insert any day of the week<?” or “Thank God it’s >insert any day of the week<.”

Anything mentioning a “case of the Mondays” – yes, we get it, you’ve seen Office Space.

“Uhh, I’m so sick of this weather.”

“Oh, I just want to be outside.”

“I am ready for some coffee.”

**Can you think of any?


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