mixing work and play is easy — just add booze

In many a person’s lives they work and they play. (>insert stereotypical quote about “work hard, play hard” here< ) More often than not, these two events are separate from one another. However, there are those times where the tight hair buns are let loose, the ties become undone, and the dress shirts get untucked – yes, I am talking about office parties.

Depending on your office, this event may not come very frequently. That’s probably best for all involved. Then again, office parties can be a great way to get to know those people with whom you are within a 10 foot radius of for 40+ hours each week. A key ingredient in office parties is alcohol. This delicious potion helps everyone feel a little more at ease and loosens the tongue, making conversation between the socially awkward IT employee and the middle-aged sports fanatic flow like da ‘Nile. And then…it happens.

You know what I’m talking about. The point in the night where certain employees teeter-totter from feeling relaxed and from being three sheets to the wind. The event of your coworker’s downfall (or yours!) can either be (1) awesome (2) uncomfortable or (3) awesomely uncomfortable.

Bottom line, it puts the ‘fun’ in funny when you get to see your co-workers in a completely different element and can ultimately bring your company closer…at least for a night. No one wants to be the “office drunk” but as long as you ensure that each person is drinking a significant amount of alcohol, no one will remember you that way! So here’s to you, corporate events! because lets face it, booze and food almost always tastes better when it’s free. And, just being able to say you did an office-wide tequila shot (which I CAN) is priceless!


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