dreams really do come true…with craigslist

double the pleasureHow often does a person’s dream become a reality? My hope is…often! This week my dream was made into a reality due to two things: the follow-through and craigslist. What I am trying to say is that I doubled my pleasure, doubled my fun indeed by making one of the single greatest purchases I’ve ever made by getting my very own tandem bicycle.

My dream for this unique mode of transportation all began on a sunny summer day as my dear friend and I brainstormed for ways to take on the world…and spend some time outside on such a lovely day. Obviously, tandems immediately came to mind. I challenge you to find a better form of exercise two people could do together. Er…nevermind.

Anyway, we searched high and low for a tandem without success. Then, one fateful day in November, on a unusually warm Friday, lo and behold, there was a tandem staring us in the face. It was resting perfectly on the front porch of some gentleman we did not know. A little social awkwardness did not stop our quest and, after giving our credit cards, licenses and souls as collateral, we were able to boot scootin’ bogey all over the place…well for 3o minutes.

The look of joy on people’s faces was priceless. Unsuspecting strangers and friends first see a lone rider, which is also great, don’t get me wrong. But I must say that once that second person pops out from behind, one can’t help but smile and laugh. My friend and I have not forgotten that joy and decided to make our dream of owning a tandem into a reality. 

Here is where craigslist comes in. With out this incredible, life-changing website I would not be where I am today. I wouldn’t be avoiding my actual work and blogging this right now at my work (found on craigslist), nor would I be able to rest my sore tandem-ridden bum on my couch (found on craigslist), and most certainly wouldn’t have been able to find my heart’s desire so close or at such a reasonable price.

I must also attribute my recent purchase with something I’ve struggled with my whole life – the follow-through. Sure, everyone can have great and grand ideas but it’s actually putting these ideas into action that separates the “movers & shakers,” the “go-getters” from the “putzs.” I am certainly still a putz when it comes to many things, but will continue to work on my efforts to doing what I say I will.

If not now, when? (And all of that other motivational/inspirational/perspirational business.)

But back to the matter at hand: now that I have my incredibly wholesome-fun insipring toy I must spread the joy that I experienced that fateful day in November. You’ve heard of March Madness, but what about Tandemonium? It’s much longer than a month and only involves two people (at a time) but it’s just as “mad.”


2 responses to “dreams really do come true…with craigslist

  1. I will take the opportunity to be the first commenter…nevermind that I am perhaps related to one of the aforementioned “socialites”.

    I would like to state, for the record, that I am in LOVE with the phrase Tandemonium (which should always be capitalized).

  2. Craigslist is a great place and has so much to offer. This is a good post that shows that, thanks for sharing!

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