my weekend – in an (easter) eggshell

This weekend, I, like many others, traveled home for the celebration of…wait, what is Easter about again? Oh right, a huge Easter bunny that poos out eggs in the backyard for the kiddies. Oh yeah…and my mom makes us go to church. Odd.

Easter is a great time to break out the pastels, stuff your face with those delicious par-tay potatoes and pass out drunk on your parents’ kitchen floor. Unfortunately, I was unable to do hardly any of these things this weekend.

I, in part, blame Mother Nature for the snow – yes, snow – that was falling down that fateful Sunday morn. Snow on Easter?! Doesn’t Mommy Nature realize that Groundhog did something regarding his shadow weeks and weeks ago and…well damn it, spring is suppose to be here! So instead of boozing and eating those duh-lish-ous potatoes I was carefully planning out a trip back to a city rumored to have eight inches of snow.

But enough of me complaining…it doesn’t change anything afterall. My point is Easter is the turning point of the bleak, gloomy and downright depressing weather into the bright, fresh and cheerful season of spring! Not only does this turn of the seasons bring out flowers and the sun, it also brings out all of the attractive people. Seriously. I mean where are these people hiding all winter long?! And it’s a proven fact that people’s moods increase exponentially with the number of attractive people roaming the streets. I can’t explain it, it’s science. (Well, I probably cooould explain it but that’s a whole new post. Just ask your Mom. Better yet, just ask the creep that’s always looking at you on the commute home – it will help you two bond.)

So Mum Nat, help us out here! And bring our long awaited spring!


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