three words: crappy reality television

These three words go hand in hand with the next three words – Bad Girls Club. That’s right, Oxygen has about three shows on their wannabe network and one of them happens to be one of the biggest and baddest reality shows I’ve ever seen. In fact, keeping with the theme…I would best describe the show with these three words: 1. ca 2. raaa 3. zy

If you haven’t seen the show then, first of all, shame on you and secondly, it makes the drama and fights that break out on the Real World look like school girls sitting down for a tea party. I mean it, these broads are without a doubt, off their motherfucking rocker. And I am still trying to figure out if they are aware of this fact or not. I mean the premise of the show is “self-proclaimed bad girls” who are eager to change, all coming to LA to live in a house together and become one big happy family.

 Yeahhh Oxygen…that’s going to happen. Because putting seven trainwrecks into a house in a city I like to call the devil’s breeding ground where all they do (literally) is booze, smoke, “work” – which, by the way, is throwing parties – fight, booze and smoke some more sounds like the perfect pathway to a happy ending. Come on people, this isn’t celebrity rehab! There needs to be restrictions, regulations and other words that begin with r…like rules!

Ah, alas! The genius producers of this awesomely bad show do have ONE rule – the classic “no violence” rule. But of course, bad girls will be bad girls and the two “ring leaders” of the gangs have already dueled one another in a hair-pulling, punch throwing brawl! Needless to say, it went far beyond a “bitch slap.” Yes sir!

Every time I watch this show I find myself sitting there in awe and I have to remember just who to thank for bringing this breath of smoke-filled air to my life. That’s right – the one, the only **Kathy Griffin**. Anything that woman suggests I will watch in a heartbeat and therefore, I suggest you do to. So…Oxygen/Tuesdays/10:00/9:00 c

“Pop Off”


2 responses to “three words: crappy reality television

  1. I couldn’t help but notice that the ‘Comments’ portion of this BIG blog has yet to be christened…

    Full disclosure: I am the other (some would say “better”) half of Big City Lites. But I have to second my blogmate’s (made-up word) shock and awe at Bad Girl’s Club. The people on this show make me fear humanity, women in particular. They are a new strain of vicious/insane/uncontrollable.I recognize that this comparison is made often, but I think it applies especially well here… It’s like watching a car accident. Terrible, but oddly compelling. And please people, do not forget that Oxygen is the brainchild of Oprah, a woman freakishly obsessed with love and peace.

  2. I was unaware that the comparison of vicious/insane/uncontrollable was made often….

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