big city ‘lites – the “official introduction”

Hello! And let me be the first to welcome you to the site. This website is the effort of two remarkable individuals who enjoy the “socialite” lifestyle. Just to make things clear – why don’t I discuss what being a “socialite” means to us. Our friends at the renowned and trustworthy Wikipedia tell us that “A socialite is a person of social prominence who spends significant resources entertaining and being entertained.”

 A socialite is usually regarded as an “upper-crust” lady. Well, well…the two individuals who put this website before your eyes are nothing of the sort. We are rarely described as being “upper-crust” and never described as “ladies.” We are the *new* socialite: young, broke and fabulous. 

 Bottom line is: we do what we want, when we want and because we want to. We dress to the nines (sometimes the tens even), drink like Irish men during the Prohibition and swear like sailors. We dance like the godfather of soul, sing against the wishes of others and march to the beat of our own drummer. We are individuals who don’t apologize for being ourselves. 

We respect these qualities in others as well. This is a blog dedicated to the recognition of things we find *haute* and things we find NOT. Enjoy!! 


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