‘lites out

Dear readers reader,

I can’t thank you enough for following BCL’s every move. Without your readership, we’d be nothing. Now I’m sure you’ve noticed that the postings have been lacking the past month or so. My deepest apologies. However, it’s time for a mini break from big city ‘lites. Consider it an extended Earth Hour.

This is a break, not a break up.  However! While we’re on a break we can see other people. In fact, I encourage it. One such person you can have a wild fling with is Angela Chase.

Recognize that name? Of course you do. She’s the star of the cult classic “My So-Called Life” and the link will lead you to a 00’s version of that show. The high schooler all …”grown up.” Or something like that. Please check it out and enjoy!

Until next time dear reader….


mood enhancer

Watching this is a great way to start off your morning, especially on a Monday morning after you’ve heard that damn line from Office Space five times. These two are absolutely adorable.


my new life


My new life, according to the scientific game of M.A.S.H.

*Live in a SHACK

*Married to Leonardo Dicaprio

*Pet Lion

*Five children

*Live in Chicago

*Work as a diner waitress (I was thinking at the HoJo diner I like to frequent. Those waitresses are absolute dolls.)

Not too shabby. And the answer to your question is yes – people over the age of 16 do still play M.A.S.H. on occasion.

rock out with your bon jovi out

Bon Jovi Show Stealer @ Yahoo! VideoPuh-lease click on this link to the left. It is charming, enchanting, hilarious, adorable and all the other thesaurus words you could look up to match the words I just put down.

I do not like it because of the song (Bon Jovi’s “Livin On A Prayer”). In fact, I like it in spite of that god awful, overplayed tune. But when you see the passion, the conviction this fan delivers you will be blown away.


Oh dear.


(That’s a dog by the way.)


I don’t trust people who…

        don’t cut their hair

        are morning radio personalities

        hate animals

        ride people’s ass on the road

        want to see the movie “New In Town”

        run outside when the temperature is literally in the negatives

        don’t enjoy the occasional fast food binge

        still own beepers (doctors and drug dealers excluded of course)

        think Jay Leno is laugh out loud funny

        use too much hair product

        don’t secretly wish they were an incredible dancer – the type that has circles form around them on the dance floor

–      aren’t ticklish

        have more than five children…maybe six

        use the word “kewl” without irony

–      have a first name as their surname

a new age, a new approach: video resumes

With the advancement of technology and the growing competition in the job market it’s important to differentiate oneself. One idea is to make technology work in your favor. A video resume is one such way to do this.

However there is a thin line between looking interesting and innovative and looking like a total… how do you say, douchebag. Case in point: Aleksey Vayner. A man with high hopes who takes potential employers through a seven minute journey of why he is, in a nut shell, fucking awesome. The title of this spectacle? Impossible is Nothing.

If you do not feel like dedicating seven minutes of your life to watching a man you do not know at all jump off mountains (athletic!), work out (dedicated!), karate chop bricks (committed!) or play tennis (athletic again!)than let this choice quote represent the type of person Mr. Vayner is:

 “Anything you do you must pursue with your entire heart. Live your life openly, go all out for what you want to achieve and what you believe in. If you’re going to work, work. If you’re going to train, train. If you’re going to dance then dance! But do it with passion.” (cue to a two-minute long segment of him dancing in a sensual manner)

His video resume is nothing if not inspiring. Below, two other videos I hope to model my own video resume off.

The first can only be described in one word: awesome.

The second is entitled: “Impossible is Quite the Opposite of Possible”